General Bulletins

General bulletins include information related to the suncomet Oy's past and future activities.

Technical bulletins and operating time information can be found on their own websites in the links below.


2023 : We continued to develop our services on servers, in particular client systems. During the year, we invested in our Helsinki data centre and started to purchase new high performance servers. New automations of client systems were released to facilitate and streamline the management of services for our customers. We further invested in making WordPress sites work as well as possible for our services and introduced an efficient and automated WordPress cache (AccelerateWP) on our servers. The purpose of the cache is to

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2022 : During the year, we invested in our Helsinki data centre and made significant improvements to our servers. We also increased the performance of our older accounts, which was reflected in faster page performance for customers. Our work as a domain name broker was again rewarded with a full five stars in the Traficom broker comparison! Suncomet In the framework of the International project, we worked hard to internationalise our systems and operations, so that our services can be used in the most efficient way.

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Year 2021 : The year has been a challenging year for everyone as the coronavirus pandemic continues. However, 2021 was suncomet's anniversary year because it was 20 years since Suncomet was founded! However, the continuous development of our services bore fruit and we managed to increase our turnover again compared to previous years. Our pages experienced a complete layout update during the year. During the year, we introduced an order robot which enables instant delivery of services 24/7.

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20 years since Suncomet was founded! Today 06.07.2021 is exactly 20 years since Suncomet was founded. To celebrate the anniversary, we have officially published our new website at the address. In addition to the pages, we have published a subscription machine through which we can order hosting and domains 24/7 completely automatically. Old pages will work alongside new pages until all the necessary functionality and content is received

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Weebly will cease operations on 28 February 2021. Weebly's operations began to experience a lot of problems and disruptions during 2020. Serious connectivity problems with the Weeblyn system began at the end of November. We have been in contact with Weebly using all available channels, but we have not received any further information on the extent of the problems or the timeline of the fixes. Despite problems, Weebly has continued to charge the service regularly

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Review for 2020. 2020 has been a difficult year for everyone due to the coronavirus pandemic. We responded to the crisis early in the year and offered our customers extended payment periods to ease our customers' ability to cope with difficult times. Despite the difficult situation, we made significant server updates during the year, and all our services now operate on up-to-date super-efficient servers. This made it possible, among other things, to significant increases in power in different

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