Servers cheaply

Flexible servers


Updates effortlessly!

Cloud servers can be upgraded without transfer with just restarting the server

In addition to a wide range of Cloud servers, we also offer dedicated servers from the offer request. cPanel control panel and Acronis backup may be included in all servers as an additional service.

Secured Data

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Acronis Backup

As an additional service, randsomware secure external backup for all data

In addition to backup, all systems are mirrored. Multiple servers, a mirrored network interface, and RAID6 security level ensure 100% of the service's undisturbed operation over hardware failures.

Cloud Servers

Cloud Startti

€ 23
39 / kk*
  • 2 processors
  • 4 GB RAM
  • 40 GB disk space
  • 5 TB Traffic
  • cPanel Solo
  • Backup

Cloud Perus

€ 47
58 / month*
  • 4 processors
  • 8 GB RAM
  • 160 GB of disk space
  • 10 TB Traffic
  • cPanel Solo
  • Backup
Most popular

Cloud Teho

€ 71
77 / month*
  • 8 processors
  • 16 GB RAM
  • 240 GB of disk space
  • 20 TB traffic
  • cPanel Solo
  • Backup

* Acronis backup is an additional service for a fee. Standard daily backups are included in the price. Prices are subject to VAT 0%.

root servers


Full control!

For Cloud servers, the customer always gets root-level credentials for full access

The customer is free to choose between Debian, Ubuntu and CentOS operating systems. Pre-installed WordPress, LAMP or NextCloud installations are also available. Regardless of the installation, the customer always has full control via root credentials.

control panel

cP orange RGB

cPanel-control panel

By far the most famous control panel, which takes all measures effortlessly

cPanel control panel makes it easy to maintain the entire server and makes even the most laborious tasks easy. cPanel also automatically takes care of server operation and security with its powerful functions. Our customer service is certified for cPanel's technical maintenance, which ensures top-notch technical expertise in cPanel use and problem solving.

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General questions

This page answers the most common questions about services, ordering, and management policies. Our customer service will be happy to answer all questions related to our services. General questions about ordering, invoicing and termination keywords:

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What is a dedicated server?

My Dedicated Server is a private physical server that is fully accessed by the client. On your dedicated server, even large amounts of resources are possible at low cost. We offer private servers very

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What is a cloud server?

A Cloud server is like a virtual server, but instead of individual servers, it's implemented in a cloud environment. Cloud cloud server works like a private dedicated server. Feel free to change the server's application environment to suit your needs.

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