Affordable Web hosting

Excellent customer service

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With over 22 years of experience!

In our customer service, there is always a person who respond, even in the chat. Often our response time is less than five minutes.

The average response time is less than an hour during customer service hours (21 minutes in 2023) and all questions will be answered within the next working day at the latest.

 Our customer service is always answered by a top-level professional and even in our Chat service you don't have to talk to a robot!

Good customer service doesn't have to be expensive!

Instant delivery

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From only 1,35 € / month!

Orders placed through order robot are delivered automatically 24/7.

We don't have any bidding traps where after the first invoice the price doubles. We are committed to keeping web hosting prices at current levels. So we won't have hidden costs or unpleasant surprises after the first year.

Because we have been operating already since 2001, we know from experience that real savings will be made in the long term. We don't have to run after reductions!

Web hosting

You can try hosting packages for 14 days without risk!
the trial can only be used once and does not apply to ordered domains or additional services


€ 1
68 / month*
  • 2 GB disk space
  • ∞ traffic
  • ∞ emails
  • ∞ databases
  • SSL Certificate
  • 1 processor
  • 1 GB RAM
  • Wordpress-optimised
  • Server in Finland

with order robot services are provided immediately 24/7.


€ 3
03 / month*
  • 10 GB disk space
  • ∞ traffic
  • ∞ emails
  • ∞ databases
  • SSL Certificate
  • 2 processors
  • 2 GB RAM
  • Wordpress-optimised
  • Server in Finland
Most popular

with order robot services are provided immediately 24/7.


€ 5
72 / month*
  • 30 GB disk space
  • ∞ traffic
  • ∞ emails
  • ∞ databases
  • SSL Certificate
  • 3 processors
  • 3 GB RAM
  • Wordpress-optimised
  • Server in Finland

with order robot services are provided immediately 24/7.

Services ordered and paid with order robot are delivered immediately 24/7.

* Minimum billing period one year. Three years 10% discount. Five years 20% discount. Prices VAT 0%.

Cheap Web hosting

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Cheap, not bad!

Cheap doesn't mean bad. For us, it means that the customer gets more for less.

In 2023, the average uptime of our web hotels was over 99.99%, including all maintenance. Our webhosts run on state-of-the-art servers, which we also update regularly.

Technical support is able to answer questions comprehensively, for example: PHP code, databases, .htaccess configuration, cPanel features, WordPress optimization, or its add-ons. 

Our expertise is backed by over 22 years of experience and cPanel Certified Partner status.

Genuine finnish

Key Flag Finnish Service

100% finnish ownership

Avainlippu-service company is always domestically owned and headquartered in Finland

Suncomet Oy is genuinely finnish and is not owned abroad like many of its "finnish" competitors.

Ownership, management, customer service, product development and most other aspects of the service are entirely finnish.

Our new servers are also located in Finland!

We are constantly developing our services using finnish resources and are committed to achieving and maintaining the highest possible level of finnish service.


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Automatic basic WordPress optimization for all pages free of charge!

AccelerateWP optimizes and installs a basic cache for WordPress sites without the client having to do anything.

The WordPress Manager in the admin panel allows you to create and manage WordPress installations directly from the admin panel. You can check for updates, enable debugging, or create clone and staging installations with complete freedom.

In addition, potential bottlenecks and problematic plug-ins can be identified using the PHP X-Ray feature, which shows exactly where WordPress or other PHP software is consuming time and resources.

All involved


Limitlessness as standard!

WordPress, Joomla!, Drupal and all other PHP/SQL applications work directly

SitePad- Website builder, unlimited email addresses and databases, PHP 8, Python, Ruby, Node.js, HTTP/2, GIT and much more can be found in each package. Even the cheapest one!

You can easily install over 400 of the most popular programs with just a few clicks using the Softaculous installer, or even code your own.

We don't have to take a more expensive package just to be able to install a database or add new emails, but everything can be done with the smallest package.

Encrypted HTTPS connection works on all pages, free of charge of course!

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General questions

This page answers the most common questions about services, ordering, and management policies. Our customer service will be happy to answer all questions related to our services. General questions about ordering, invoicing and termination keywords:

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What is a hosting?

Hosting refers to a service that can store your own home pages, forum, email, and more. In summary Web hosting means a service that enables normal communication in a web environment.

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Features of hosting

A webhosting service is a service where you can maintain your own website, online shop, forum, use email and much more. In short, Web hosting is a service that allows you to communicate in the usual way

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Restrictions on hosting

The resources available to an individual account are limited in accordance with the terms of the agreement. The account cannot even temporarily access more than the allowed resources, but the account and site slow down or

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Website builders

All our web hosting packages include home page engines and they work seamlessly with your web hosting package. All our web hotels also run WordPress and with our standalone WordPress package, the excellent Elementor Pro add-on works as a website server. You can

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