Restrictions on hosting

The resources available to an individual account are limited in accordance with the terms of the agreement. The account cannot even temporarily access more than the allowed resources, but the account and site will be slowed down or prevented automatically if the limits are exceeded. This will ensure a fair and equal service for all customers. In practice, this means that, for example, users who disrupt the service or overloaded servers are history.


Limitations on resources

The use of resources in hosting packages is limited per account.

  • The instantaneous use of the processor is limited to the level specified in the package.
  • The instantaneous use of central memory is limited to the level specified in the package.
  • Processes are limited to twenty (10) ongoing and twenty (20) simultaneous processes.
  • Disk usage is limited to level 1 T/s.
  • The average daily usage should not repeatedly exceed 20% of the package limits.
  • Restrictions include processes initiated by the user ID and access to databases. For example, downloads of HTML pages, images, and files do not start processes with a user ID.


Limitations on resources are preventing abuse. In normal site use, restrictions rarely occur. Different hosting packages respond well to the needs of their name. Starttipackage is well suited for low visitor numbers or light sites, Peruspackage for normal visitor numbers and normal sites, while Tehopackage works well for a more demanding need. Business packages are best suited for businesses and organizations.


Limitations on disk space and usage quantity

You can be blocked and authorized to use disk space in hosting packages. The site may stop working and data (e.g. emails) may be lost if the restrictions are exceeded. The customer must monitor the use of their account so that it does not exceed the limits imposed on it. Overruns can result in a temporary account close and recurring overruns can be charged according to the price list.

  • Disk space usage is limited according to the size of the package. It's a good idea to update the package or always buy more space well in advance of running out of disk space.
  • The amount of use is limited to 500,000 surveys per month (http(s)-hit), 50,000 surveys per day, and 15,000 surveys per hour.


There are notifications and warnings that disk space is filling up in the connection e-mail that is set up in the dashboard. It's easy to upgrade a package to a larger one by requesting an update from our customer service.

In normal situations, the amount of use rarely exceeds. If the number of queries is exceptionally high in the account, it is almost invariably a sign of malicious traffic to a site that needs to be addressed. Our customer service always helps you to find out as needed.


E-mail restrictions

Sending and receiveing email is restricted to prevent spam.

  • E-mail messages cannot be received from senders on global block lists.
  • An e-mail message cannot be received if the system detects it as spam, or if the system finds viruses, malware, or malicious code in the message.
  • The limit for sending e-mail messages is 100 messages per hour. Oversending messages are not delivered and do not queue either. Messages in the e-mail list (Mailman) are not restricted. For larger shipping needs, we recommend our own virtual server or a separate email delivery service.
  • An e-mail message is not sent if the system recognizes it as junk e-mail.


In normal e-mail use, email restrictions are rarely received. As a rule, restrictions are encountered when making mass mailings. All mass mailings should be done using a mailing list (MailMan) that can be found in all our hosting packages. For professional use, we recommend separate email delivery services. Our customer service also helps to deploy these.


Security restrictions

Servers include numerous security features that limit exceptional activity on accounts. In normal use, security restrictions are not visible to users in any way, but in abnormal use they can prevent the user from operating on the account or its site. If a customer encounters security restrictions, we will, if possible, investigate the matter with the customer and try to remove that restrictive security feature from the customer's account.

Our customer service always helps with all possible problems. The purpose of the restrictions is not to prevent normal use, but explicitly to prevent repeated abuses, for example through the customer's outdated application. The purpose of the restrictions is also not to penalise the customer, but our customer service always strives to find a solution to the restrictions that have been received with the customer.

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