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Top-notch customer service

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Trained professionals at your service

Our customer service manages questions from encoding to databases and from cPanel to WordPress.

Our customer service is always answered by a top-level professional. Our customer service is able to answer your questions comprehensively, for example PHPcode, databases, .htaccess configuration, cPanel features, WordPress optimization, or add-ons.

Good customer service doesn't have to be expensive!

On-call 24/7

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Continuous on-call service at all times every day of the year

The datacenter and our customer service have on-call 24/7 ready to respond to all possible critical issues

Our datacenter is prepared to quickly replace any broken part at all times throughout the year. Similarly, our customer service is always ready to respond to possible disruptions regardless of the time of day.

Ready for anything!

Customer service form

You can manage orders from the customer system and update connection and billing information.

Our data bank provides answers to the most frequently asked questions.

The website contains general and technical bulletins related to our services.

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Terms and Condititions

In particular, sections 1.3.1, 2.0, 2.2, 5.0 and 7.2 and subsection 3 of these Terms should be reviewed for services ordered. Current terms and conditions (FIN) The original

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Server addresses

On these pages you will find the up-to-date addresses and service gates of our servers, as well as the addresses of the name servers. Hosting accounts are located on multiple servers and each server has its own unique information. NAME SERVERS

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Suncomet Oy

Suncomet Oy - since 2001 Suncomet Oy was fully established in 2001 finnish a company that offers its customers top-notch, but high-quality web hotels, domains, and servers. Anno Domini

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Technical questions

These pages answer the most common technical problems and questions. If the answer is not found on these pages or if any point is unclear, our customer service will be happy to answer all questions

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Privacy practices

This page provides you with clear information on how personal data is processed Suncomet Oyin . By using our services, you agree that: Suncomet processes your personal data. If you do not want your personal data processed, you may terminate the

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Privacy Statement

Privacy Statement (FIN) Privacy statement (ENG) Dataskyddsbeskrivning (SWE) Privacy statements can be found by clicking on the buttons above. All services are always subject to a valid privacy policy. To read the privacy statement, you need a PDF reader that:

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