Privacy practices

This page provides you with clear information on how personal data is processed in Suncomet Oy .

By using our services, you agree that Suncomet Oy processes your personal data.

If you do not want your personal data processed, you can cancel your subscription by contacting our customer service.



All processing of personal data complies with the following principles :
• Personal data will be processed for the purpose of implementing the contract.
• Personal data will only be processed to the extent necessary.
• The processing of personal data is minimised to correspond only to the data for which processing is necessary.
• The personal data processed is accurate.
• Personal data is stored only for the necessary time. Unnecessary data is regularly deleted.
• Personal data is stored securely.
• The processing of personal data is provided to the customer upon request.
• The Customer has the right to decide on the processing of their personal data.


More detailed information on the processing of personal data

1. What information we collect from you?

We collect the following information:
• Self-reported information. When filling in the order form, you will provide our customer register with the following information: name, address, phone number, email address, IP address, personal identity code/Business ID/association register ID.
• When you use our services, we will receive the following information about you: IP address and usage logs.


2. Where we use the collected personal data for?

We use the information we collect from our customers to provide, maintain, protect and improve our services.

We will not use your data without permission for purposes other than those necessary to implement the agreement.

We do not disclose personal data to parties outside the agreement. We also don't track you through cookies.


3. What can you do if you don't want your data processed or want it changed?

You can request information about yourself from Suncomet at any time. You can also request deletion at any time. We will respond to the service within a reasonable time, within 48 hours at the latest, within customer service hours.

You can contact us:

Form: service/

By email: customer service (at)

Via chat service:

Suncomet Oy
Urho Kekkosenkatu street 4-6 E
00100 Helsinki

You always have the opportunity to request, edit or delete the data collected about you. However, we must read out situations where we have to store data for legal reasons.

You can control the content of the service you have subscribed to within the limits of Suncomet's general terms and conditions.

It is your responsibility to use the services ordered from Suncomet in a safe manner.

Our current terms and conditions can be found from here: and conditions at


4. How and for how long we store the personal data collected?

We store the collected personal data for as long as there is a reason required for their processing as required by the General Data Protection Regulation (2016/679).

Unnecessary data will be deleted. The need to store data is regularly assessed.

We strive to maintain our services in a way that protects data from intentional or accidental destruction. Therefore, we may not delete any remaining copies of data from our active servers immediately or delete data from backups after you delete the data from our services.


5. Who has the right to process personal data?

We restrict access to personal data to our employees and our contractual partners. These persons are bound by professional secrecy. The violation of which may lead, for example, to dismissal or criminal charges.


6. How is the implementation of the Privacy Policy monitored?

We regularly check that this Privacy Policy is being followed.


7. What reforms Suncomet has done to improve data protection?

Here are just a few of the reforms that have been made and developed over the past few years:
• Our pages and systems have fully switched to SSL encryption.
• All domains operating in the services are offered an SSL certificate free of charge for SSL encryption of sites.
• Our critical services require two-step time-based authentication in addition to the password and physical code key.
• Monitoring of unsealed applications has been tightened and will continue to be tightened to improve overall security.
• We offer a separate GDPR-compliant electronic message transmission system as an additional service (see section 4.4). address).
• For customer legal protection, direct access to IP addresses is blocked from the dashboard.
• Multiple improvements, updates, and enhancements to service security, security systems, and policies.

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