GDPR Security Mail

GDPR mail

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For sensitive data

A safe way to send secure content electronically in accordance with GDPR requirements.

Suncomet GDPR Posti is a safe way to send content containing or otherwise protected personal data electronically. Suncomet Posti is a service for sending messages in accordance with GDPR requirements.

Secured Data

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Acronis Backup

Comprehensive randsomware secure cloud backup for all data

In addition to backup, all systems are mirrored. Multiple servers, mirrored network connection and raid6 security level ensure the service's undisturbed operation over equipment failures.

Suncomet GDPR Post

GDPR Mail 10

€ 15
32 / month
  • 10 secure messages / month
  • extra messages 2 € / pc

GDPR Mail 50

€ 49
52 / month
  • 50 posts / month
  • extra messages 1€/pc

GDPR Mail 100

€ 55
65 / month
  • 100 posts per month
  • extra messages 0,50€/piece

Prices VAT 0 %.

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