Services for every need



Wide range of servers

We offer ready-made VPS packages and dedicated servers tailored as needed

We also offer affordable network disk service for a larger need for disk space. All servers are also available with Acronis backup and cPanel control panel.



Essential for the office

We offer turnkey Google Workspace and MS Office 365 services

Comprehensive Google Workspace and Microsoft Office 365 office services made easy.

Powerful email, seamless calendar integration, cloud file storage and comprehensive video conferencing software are all included.

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All services

As hourly and ready-made packages, we offer a wide range of services for customers' needs

With maintenance services, we take care of all necessary maintenance work and normal operation of the server. We also offer maintenance service in WordPress, Joomla! and Drupal sites.

With the transfer service, we migrate sites and emails from one system to another (e.g. Joomla, joomla! → WordPress).



Mind the data security!

Our secured mail service enables the transmission of sensitive messages according to GDPR requirements

In addition to the GDPR postal service, we offer our expertise in the internet environment with over 20 years of experience. We are able to offer customized applications exactly according to the customer's needs for invoicing, ledger, payroll computation and communications.

We also offer to strengthen the security and compliance of existing sites and systems, for example, by strengthening access management and encrypting databases.

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General questions

This page answers the most common questions about services, ordering, and management policies. Our customer service will be happy to answer all questions related to our services. General questions about ordering, invoicing and termination keywords:

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What is a dedicated server?

My Dedicated Server is a private physical server that is fully accessed by the client. On your dedicated server, even large amounts of resources are possible at low cost. We offer private servers very

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What is a cloud server?

A Cloud server is like a virtual server, but instead of individual servers, it's implemented in a cloud environment. Cloud cloud server works like a private dedicated server. Feel free to change the server's application environment to suit your needs.

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Website builders

All our web hosting packages include home page engines and they work seamlessly with your web hosting package. All our web hotels also run WordPress and with our standalone WordPress package, the excellent Elementor Pro add-on works as a website server. You can

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