General questions

This page answers the most common questions about services, ordering, and management policies. Our customer service will be happy to answer all questions related to our services.

General questions

Ordering, invoicing and termination

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The normal delivery time for services is 1-7 days. However, most services are delivered in less than 24 hours. Any delays will always be notified to the customer separately.

The delivery of a domain name or additional service will not start until the full payment has been made. Payments made with payment cards or PayPal are registered immediately. The customer can also provide a copy of the credit transfer information to speed up the processing of the order. Ordinary credit transfers normally register during the three business days after payment.

Make sure your email address is working, as all account information, invoices and customer service messages are primarily sent by email. Check that your e-mail is not full or otherwise inaction, for example. Messages often contain technical information and many email operators can consider messages junk mail. So check your spam for our messages as well. It is important that your contact information is always up to date. Contact information must be updated in the dashboard and notified our customer service in writing (email or letter).

Invoices for services are primarily sent to e-mail. The e-mail message contains information about the invoice that can be used to pay it by bank transfer from a bank of your needs. The specification of the invoice and more detailed information can be found in the e-mail attachment. The message also provides a secure payment service link, from which the invoice can be paid by PayPal payment or as a payment.

Invoices and notes sent by letter or e-invoice are subject to an invoicing fee based on the total cost of each invoicing method. Invoices sent by e-mail are free of charge (not for notes). The price list for letter invoices and e-invoices can be found in the price list for additional services. For e-invoicing, you must enter an e-invoice ID in the Billing Address field on the order.

The invoice sent must always be paid no later than the due date. If the invoice has not been paid by the due date, the service may close temporarily. The opening of the closed service will be charged according to the price list. In the event of cancellation, the payment will be returned to the bank account indicated by the customer in accordance with the terms of the agreement.

The order is valid for an indefinite period, i.e. the order will automatically continue in the new billing period if it has not been terminated. The order must be terminated at least one month before the new billing period. We always strengthen the dismissal separately for safety reasons.

Sales tax is always included in our invoices. The reverse charge procedure for corporate trade is only possible at the customer's request if the total amount of the invoice, excluding VAT, exceeds EUR 500. Vat on invoices with VAT can be applied for for refund in accordance with the policies of the country in which the customer company is established.

About web hosting

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The price of the hosting hotel does not include a domain name. Domains are charged according to the price list. However, you can also use the hosting company without a separately ordered domain name, and the customer is free to associate their own domains with the hosting company.

The order is binding and valid until further notice. The subscription to the hosting company and its share of the order can be cancelled freely 14 days after the order. Subscriptions to additional services or domains or a share of the service cannot be canceled.

Web hosting StarttiPackage is suitable for novice and small sites with little material and few visitors. Starttipackage is not recommended for WordPress, Joomla!, Drupal, or other heavy applications. See WordPress implemented test page Starttipackage.

Web hosting Peruspackage is more suitable for medium-sized sites with potentially moderate visitors and material. PerusThe "WordPress" package is usually enough for WordPress, Joomla! or Drupal without add-ons and with minimal use. See WordPress implemented test page Peruspackage.

Web hosting TehoPackage is best suited for growing sites with potentially many visitors and a lot of diverse material. Tehopackage is usually enough for normal WordPress, Joomla! or Drupal. See WordPress implemented test page Tehopackage.

Business packages are aimed at businesses and demanding users. They are best suited for online stores, popular and heavy sites, or the large community. A good choice for powerful WordPress use or e-commerce.

The package can be upgraded to a larger one at the turn of the billing period or in the middle of the billing period. The old package can also be upgraded to a smaller one in the middle of the billing period, but the service charge already paid will not be refunded. If the upgrade to a larger package is made in the middle of the billing period, we will issue a new invoice to refund the unused time of the old package and the new package will be invoiced until the end of the billing period. The package can be updated through the client system.

For heavy duty use, multi-sitemaintenance, development environment or other special use, a hosting package is not suitable, but for these purposes the best option is your own server, which you can access on the Servers page .

The content of the service is expanded by numerous value-added services, such as: control panel, Website builder, SSH connection, application archive, and GIT version control. The SSH service is for more efficient and secure use of files and databases only. The service is not suitable for compiling programs or using IRC.

The language translations in the dashboard are incomplete. control panel or, for example, Website builder may not work fully on all browses.


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Domain name delivery will not start until the full payment has been made. Payment card and PayPal automatically register immediately after the payment has been made. The order is binding and valid until further notice. The right of withdrawal (14 days) does not apply to domains or their share of the price of the order. Domain name transfer is subject to a standard domain name fee and the validity of the domain name is increased according to the billing period. Domain transfer itself is free of charge.

The period of validity indicated on the domain name invoice is indicative and the actual period of validity depends on the date of delivery of the domain name and, in the case of a transfer, the previous period of validity of the domain name, when the earlier period of validity is postponed to the end of invoicing. However, the domain name is valid for at least the time marked on the invoice.

It is imperative that the subscriber of the domain name ensures the legality of the domain name they have subscribed to (see section 4.1). instructions on legality).

Domain names containing national characters (e.g., uh, etc.) are not recommended as the primary domain name (see IAS 19, 2004). instructions on national characters).

Domain names are always under customer control. However, by default, suncomet data is set to the WHOIS data in the domain to protect the customer's privacy. WHOIS data does not affect the agreements between Suncomet and the customer or the domain name management relationship. Whois data can be set to any information the customer just wants. A change in WHOIS data is a paid service. The .fi credentials of the domains have a special status and the information on the .fi codes always includes the customer's data.

The change of domain name holder or changes to the domain name contact details (WHOIS) are subject to a fee, which are charged separately according to the price list.

Location of servers and services

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The servers of the hosting companies are located in Finland and the Netherlands.

Name servers can also be found in Germany, the United States and Singapore (geographical decentralisation).

Our own teams on datacenter staff guarantee the operation of our servers' hardware and networks 24/7 every day of the year.

Finnish DataCenter HEL1 information.

Dutch datacenter AMS-01 information.

The central domain registers are located in several countries worldwide. Only the registers of terminals of the countries of the European Union are located within the European Union.

External services (e.g. Google Workspace or Microsoft 365) services operate mainly within the European Union, but also in the United States and worldwide.

Switch between providers

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When switching to a service provider, your domain name, pages, emails or other information stored in the service will not be automatically transferred. In principle, the customer is responsible for transferring their data and updating applications and email settings. In addition, the customer must acquire all the necessary information for transfers and the new service provider often does not have the opportunity or even the authority to obtain this information on behalf of the customer.

We offer a turnkey service for data transfer and service provider switching.

Domain transfer can be ordered from our online store.

When you transfer a domain name, you must unlock the domain. Any DNSSEC settings for the domain must also be removed. For the transfer, you will need a domain name broker's exchange key, which you will receive from the current service provider. The exchange key can also be called: EPP, auth code, authorization key, transfer ID, etc.

Upon completion of the migration, the domain name servers will be updated to point to Suncomet's server at the request of the client.

Some domain extensions require that the transfer be accepted from the whois e-mail address of the domain. The transfer is confirmed by going to and from the address provided by the email by clicking the transfer confirmation button (I Authorize, I Accept, I Approve, etc.).

If necessary, you can ask your old service provider to complete all of the above points and provide the necessary information for the transfer. A domain transfer can take up to 14 days in total.

When a domain name is transferred to our service, its name service and email settings change to the default settings of our service. If you want to point your domain e-mail services or subdomains elsewhere, you must change these settings from the dashboard before you go to the domain.

Contact information, billing information and communication

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Keeping your contact information up to date is especially important. At worst, outdated contact information can lead to temporary closure of the service or loss of a domain name.

Our services include four types of contact information: billing contact information, contact information for the contact person, technical contact information in the dashboard, and domain name contact information (WHOIS).

Invoicing contact information is used to handle invoicing. It is important to keep them up to date so that our invoicing can be contacted if necessary. You can update the billing contact information from the customer system.

The contact's contact information is used to handle the affairs of the account. Contact information is used in situations when our customer service services need to contact the customer and when the customer contacts our customer service. Each order is under one contact and only the contact can manage the information in the order. Contact information can also be updated from the customer system.

In the dashboard, you can set an e-mail address where control panel, server or customer service sends technical messages related to the account. With the same email, you can also reset your account password if necessary. After logging in to the dashboard, you can set up a contact email from the top right by clicking the username and contact information from there. You can also set up what notifications you want to receive from the same location. Technical bulletins related to the services and their RSS feed can be found on their own website.

The contact details of the domain name are reported to the registry and partly also publicly to the WHOIS database. Keeping the contact details of domain names up-to-date is based on the Act (Article 167 of the Information Society Code 2014/917) and failure to do so may even lead to the removal of the domain name (Article 169 of the Information Society Code 2014/917). You can update your domain contact information through our customer system and customer service.

Invoices sent to a customer, account information, or other technical messages can easily be sent to the Recycle Bin or spam folder because of the technical information they contain. Therefore and should be added to the list of (safe) senders specifically allowed in emails.

Here's how to get help with different e-mail services and programs.


1. Sign in to Gmail
2. Click the arrow in the search box (Show search options)
3. In the From field, type:
4. Click Create Filter
5. Select Never transfer to spam
6. Click Create Filter
Link to Gmail help in English.

Hotmail / / Live

Add * and for a list of safe senders. Link to instructions .


Create a filter that moves sender's messages in your Inbox. Link to Yahoo! help in English.

Microsoft Outlook

Mark for a list of safe senders. Link to Outlook Help.

Apple Mail Program

Add contact information. Link to Apple Mail Help.

Mozilla Thunderbird

Mark messages "Not spam" and, if necessary, create a filter that marks sender's messages "Not spam". Link to Thunderbird Instructions.

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