Common solutions to problems

Before contacting us about problems, please carefully review the following instructions, as there may already be an answer. This avoids unnecessary backlogs in our customer service and allows us to serve you quickly when we really need it.

The most common solutions to problems

Below is a list of the most common measures that solve most of the problems.

  1. Restart devices and clear caches

    Restart the terminal (computer, phone, or pad) you are using and the Internet connection router (ADSL, WIFI, etc.). Use the instructions in the program you are using to clear the browser or e-mail program cache. If possible, try it with another browser or program. If the problem concerns e-mail, see if the email works through webmail (server addresses). 

  2. Server address validation

    If the problem is with connecting to webmail, email or the control panel, please check that you have up-to-date addresses. If you are using browser characters, when using the control panel and webmail, check that the address does not contain a cpsess line, but is in the format given in the server addresses. When using the email client, check that the server address (outgoing and incoming) is not other than the server address of the server in question. 

  3. Password reset and reinserting account to used program

    If you experience problems using your account after checking server addresses, you should first change your account password. You can change the password for the dashboard and e-mail account from the dashboard. The dashboard information can be found in the account information in the message sent when the hosting account was delivered. The up-to-date dashboard address can be found at the server addresses. If changing your password doesn't work, you might want to try reinstalling your account in your e-mail program, FTP, etc. Just to be safe, it's a good idea not to delete the old account, but to install the account as a new account in the program.

  4. Resolution of connection problems

    Connectivity problems can occur for a number of reasons and are usually instantaneous. If possible, try with another Internet connection (e.g. mobile). By trying to connect your account to a dashboard or webmail (server addresses), you can see if the server firewall is blocking your access to the server. If the firewall blocks your access, you will receive a notification and instructions on how to resolve the issue. 

  5. Disk Space Release

    If you have problems receiving emails or working on a site, it may be due to the filling of disk space. If you receive a "The system user user username has exceeded its allotted quota of disk blocks" error message while attempting to log on to the dashboard or webmail, the disk space is definitely out. You can use the dashboard to track disk space usage and set up a connection email towhich you will receive notifications about using disk space. If the disk space is filled and you cannot access the account to free up disk space, please contact customer service

  6. Other issues

    General problems and disruptions, as well as significant technical changes, are announced in our technical bulletins and server-wideissues are reflected in the operating time on our website . The answers to problems are often found in general questions or general technical questions. In addition, cPanel offers plenty of English instructions and videos on its own pages.

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General questions

This page answers the most common questions about services, ordering, and management policies. Our customer service will be happy to answer all questions related to our services. General questions about ordering, invoicing and termination keywords:

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Suncomet Oy

Suncomet Oy - since 2001 Suncomet Oy was fully established in 2001 finnish a company that offers its customers top-notch, but high-quality web hotels, domains, and servers. Anno Domini

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Technical questions

These pages answer the most common technical problems and questions. If the answer is not found on these pages or if any point is unclear, our customer service will be happy to answer all questions

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Server addresses

On these pages you will find the up-to-date addresses and service gates of our servers, as well as the addresses of the name servers. Hosting accounts are located on multiple servers and each server has its own unique information. NAME SERVERS

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These pages discuss basic principles and good practices for the security of web services. In particular, the websites contain security trends and issues relevant to the security of the services that are relevant to the sites in our services.

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