Suncomet Oy

Suncomet Oy - since 2001

Suncomet Oy was fully established in 2001 finnish a company that offers its customers top-notch, but high-quality web hotels, domains, and servers.

In 2001, the Internet was still young, but several companies and private individuals were particularly interested in the development of websites and Internet services. In the early years, when we were a service developer, we noticed that there was a growing demand for hosting and server services. Either the prices were astronomical compared to the service or the quality of the services was non-existent.

With the support and encouragement of our customers, we started to develop a hosting service just for our customers. However, word spread quickly about our affordable, but functional customer-oriented hosting services, and customers began to appear outside our customer contacts as well. We continued to develop hosting services and server services, and the flow of new customers continued to grow.

Throughout our history, our customers have been so satisfied with our services that we have not had to invest in marketing at all. We have been on this path for over twenty years. However, the original idea of affordable, but high-quality hosting services with fast and accurate customer service is still relevant. On this path, we also want to continue for the next twenty years for the benefit of our customers!



We respect the client. We are always friendly and matter-of-fact regardless of the situation. We respect the customer's privacy and the customer's data is always safe with us.


Our job is to serve the customer. Our services must always operate accurately and with high quality. Problems are resolved quickly, at once correctly, and they are communicated openly and accurately.


We're being fair. We strive for the best possible price-quality ratio and charge only what is necessary for the maintenance and development of our operations.


You can always trust us. The customer can be sure that we will have everything we can to ensure that we are worthy of the trust given. We deliver what we promise accurately and with high quality.


Suncomet is a permanent employer. We will also strengthen our personnel as purchasing services from different actors. This will ensure cost-effective, consistent and guaranteed know-how, for example, despite market or economic situations. Purchasing services are also able to react quickly to changed situations and we are not just dependent on individuals. At the moment, four people are active in customer service and invoicing. In addition, the datacenter has a server manager and server installers assigned to us 24/7.

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Genuinely 100% finnish

Suncomet is genuine finnish small enterprise.We continuously develop our services and bring new products to the market at regular intervals. Suncomet strives for financially sound and productive operations and aims for continuous and steady success. 

Unlike many competitors, Suncomet is completely finnish without a foreign ownership base (e.g. Group, Loopia Group, Telia Company).

Although our prices are very affordable, we still keep our customer service very fast and flexible. We have always considered the customer to be very important and actively implement our customers' wishes and ideas.

Our powerful servers, secure datacenters, fast connections and customer-oriented mindsets make us the best service provider for you, and at a low cost.

Finnish know-how and genuine domesticity make this possible!

Risk management

We take our business very seriously and always operate in the long run. Risk management is a particularly important part of our business. We invest it in every aspect of our business. In addition, we provide very extensive assurances about our business as part of risk management. Our risk management also includes ensuring continuity even if the key personnel of the company are no longer able to carry out their duties.

Company Information

Suncomet Oy.
Urho Kekkonen street 4-6E
tel. 0440786786

Business ID: 3170518-5
VAT number: FI31705185
In the Trade Register
In the preliminary tax withholding register
Founded in 2001

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General questions

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Common solutions to problems

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Server addresses

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Terms and Condititions

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Privacy Statement

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