Technical questions

These pages answer the most common technical problems and questions. If the answer is not found on these pages or if any point is unclear, our customer service will be happy to answer all questions and also help you find out why.

Technical questions

PHP/MySQL character encoding UTF-8 or ISO-8859-1 (latin1)

keywords: utf-8 php character encoding encode iso-8859-1 mysql latin1

PHPBy default, UTF-8 is the default character encoding in UTF-8. PHPYou can change character encoding in PHPsettings or directly in the code.

I'll give it PHPcode to work UTF-8 charset adding the next line PHPto the beginning of your file:

header('Content-type: text/html; charset=UTF-8');


You can make PHP work as ISO-8859-1 (latin1) charset by adding the following line to the beginning of your PHP file:

header('Content-type: text/html; charset=ISO-8859-1');

PHPFor more information about changing the version and settings, see: PHPChange the version and settings.


The MySQL/MariaDB database server defaults to Latin1 (ISO-8859-1) charset. If the database content is stored in latin1 charset and PHP works in UTF-8 charset, then you may need to configure the database connection for UTF-8 character encoding. It is always good programming practice to specify the character encodings used in the code. 

This can be done, for example, by:



mysqli_set_charset($mysqli_connection, "utf8);

HTML form sender

keywords: formmail form email from sender

FormMail clone, no longer supported by cPanel.

Most content management programs (SitePad, WordPress, Joomla!, Drupal, etc.) include ready-made features for submitting a form. In addition, it is possible to use a separate program to manage forms (e.g. Softaculous, Form Tools from the dashboard).

A separate copy of the HTML form must be used to submit the HTML form PHPscript, which can be made by yourself or downloaded ready-made from the address and used in your HTML form.

The contents of the form should be submitted SMTPconnection through an existing e-mail address to prevent the message from being sent and to prevent the sent message from being sent to junk e-mail.

For WordPress, we recommend WP Mail SMTP add-on.

With SSH, mysql commands give an error
keywords: mysql connect local server through socket

Description of the problem

connect to server at 'localhost' failed error: 'Can't connect to local MySQL server through socket '' (2)'


With mysql commands, you should always use the -h switch with your domain name or server address.

Example (replace at the address of your server:

mysql -h -u kayttaja -p database

Note! MySQL remote access (Remote MySQL / Remote MySQL) must be enabled for all addresses (% sign only) in the control panel.

PHPChange the version and settings
keywords: php 7 7.1 8 default_charset post_max_size upload_max_filesize memory_limit

PHPThe control of the version and settings is done through the dashboard (cPanel).

PHPChange the version

- Under theSOFTWARE heading, select the PHP version and modules(Select PHP Version).
- Select the PHP version you want from the pull-down box and select Set as current. We recommend the largest version.
- If after changing the version the database connection fails, uncheck pdo_mysql and mysqli from the list below and check nd_pdo_mysql and nd_mysqli instead. This way the database connection will use the local driver.

PHPSelect modules

- Under the headingSOFTWARE, select PHP version and modules(Select PHP Version).
- Check that there is a version of PHP other than native in the drawer.
- Then you can select the modules you want by ticking them. The change will be saved automatically.

PHPchanging settings

- Under theSOFTWARE heading, select PHP Version and Modules(Select PHP Version).
- Check that there is a version of PHP other than native in the drawer.
- Select Options from the top right.
- Select the setting you want to change from the row and make the selection. The change will be saved automatically.

The settings take effect with a delay. Normally, the changes are operational within about an hour of recording.

Limitations on sending emails
keywords: email restriction shipment

The sending of email has been restricted in webhotels to prevent spam.

The limit is 100 messages per hour.

If you need to send more than one email, the sending of emails must be divided into several batches (less than 100 messages per hour). It should be noted that the sending of messages fails when the limit is exceeded. For example, if you send 150 messages at once, only 100 messages will be delivered and 50 messages will not be delivered.

Messages sent by mailing lists (MailMan) are not restricted. If you need to send more than 100 messages at once and it is not possible to send periodic messages at once, you can send them at once using mailing lists. Mailing lists can be managed from the dashboard.

For business projects, the limit is 1000 messages per hour. With separate e-mail services, you can send even more messages at once (e.g. Google G Suite). Alternatively, you can send unlimited messages at once on your virtual server or on a dedicated server. Separately, message delivery services are also available for information or marketing purposes (e.g. Miles).

If your e-mail account exceeds the limits or outgoing messages are marked as junk e-mail, you may be prevented from sending messages from that email account. You can check the blocking in the dashboard under Email Accounts. The block appears as an exclamation point or check mark in the column next to the e-mail account. To unblock, click the block and allow the blocked action.

Blank White Page
keywords: white blank page error php 500 error

Default PHPErrors produced by are not displayed on pages for security reasons. If PHP encounters a fatal error, and only a blank white page or a 500 error is displayed.

You can search the Errors page in the dashboard for causes of the errors page, and then search public_html file in the file in the error_log or web application installation directory.

An empty white page can also be caused by an error or malfunction in the app itself, in which case there may not be any error message PHPside of or server. In this case, often the only solution is to restore the backup or reinstall the application.

Block or allow directory listing
keywords: directory files .htacess

If directory listing is allowed on the server, and if the index file is not in the directory, all files and subdirectories in the directory are listed in the browser.

To prevent this, add an empty index.html file to the directory, or add a .htaccess file with a line to the directory:

Options -Indexes

In this case, the files in the directory are not listed.

If directory listing is not allowed on the server, and if the index file is not in the directory, then when you connect to the directory, you will receive a User Forbidden error.

To prevent this, add an empty index.html file to the directory, or add a .htaccess file with a line to the directory:

Options +Indexes

In this case, the files in the directory are listed.

MySQL Settings
keywords: mysql database setting host username password

Databases must be created through the MySQLDatabases control panel. In addition, a user must be created for the database and connected to the created MySQL Databases database. The user can then be connected to the created database.

Many different web applications may ask for the following or similar information:

  • Host / MySQL host / DB host / server address. A default value, localhost, is available for this item.
  • Database / DB name / database name. Provides the full name of the database that you created, which appears in the list of databases in the dashboard (käyttäjätunnuksenne_tietokanta).
  • Username / DB username / MySQL username. Provides the full name of the database user you created in this item, which appears in the database users' list (käyttäjätunnuksenne_tietokantakäyttäjä).
  • Password / DB password / MySQL password. Provides the password for the database user you created.
  • Often, applications may also ask for a port (port), prefix, or similar. You can leave default values at these points without any problems.
E-mail settings
keywords: email mail email sposti authentication smtp outgoing mail

From the dashboard, you can freely create, edit, and delete e-mail addresses.

E-mail should always be used with each email's own credentials, i.e. not with the account's main credentials. The outgoing server also requires you to log in with your e-mail credentials, i.e. the same credentials as the e-mail you are searching for.

The e-mail user ID is matti.meikalainen@domaini.tld format, that is, the same as the e-mail address itself. Some e-mail programs do not accept the @ character in the user id so that it can be replaced with + .

You can use an account domain as your e-mail server address, but we recommend using a server domain. However, an encrypted connection requires that the server domain be used as the e-mail server address.

Internal Server Error, 500 error
keywords: 500 .htaccess

The error is often caused by false configurations in the .htaccess file, PHPerror, or miserly access to files or directories.

The cause of the error can often be found in the dashboard under Errors or in the file in the web application error_log installation directory.

The easiest way to exclude an error in a .htaccess file is to temporarily change its name to another or delete it completely. PHPErrors produced by are not displayed on pages for security reasons. If PHP encounters a fatal error and results in an empty white page or a 500 error. If files or directories have been given overly permissable (unsent) permissions, a 500 error will also occur. See correct file permissions address.

The error may also be caused by an error or malfunction of the application itself, in which case there may not be any error message PHPside of or server. In this case, often the only solution is to restore the backup or reinstall the application.

Site slowness, resource limit and service unavailable errors
keywords: 503,508 resource limit is reached service unavailable resource overstay cpu usage memory usage

In web hotels, the resources of an individual account are limited in accordance with the terms of the agreement. Even temporarily, the user cannot use more than the permitted limits, but the site will automatically slow down if the limits are exceeded. This will ensure a fair and equal service for all customers.

In the dashboard, you can see a lot of your account consuming differentresources ( Statistics and Resource Usage). In particular, CPU Usage is a factor affecting the speed of the site. If your account has more than one domain, all sites in your account use the same resources, that is, one account.

Resource Limit is Reached 508 and Service Unavailable 503 errors are caused by the resources consumed by the account exceeding the limits of the terms of the agreement well. When you try to consume significantly more resources than is allowed, new connections automatically receive 508 or 503 errors.

Please check that the web applications for your account are working properly and have been updated to the latest version. You should also check that search engines or other automated browsers, for example, do not over-visit your site. Automatic browsers can significantly increase resource consumption and cause problems during peak periods. It is also worth ruling out the possibility of abuse. If necessary, we can offer assistance with resource consumption through our customer service.

The cache that is installed on the site significantly reduces resource consumption. We recommend the WP Rocket add-on for WordPress installations.

There are several ways to optimise your website. For example, you can get tips on optimisation by testing the address of your website using the Analyze function. Even very small optimisations can make a significant difference. For example, the Optimize Website feature in the control panel allows you to deploy Gzip compression to your site with a single click. We also offer an hourly optimisation service.

Larger packages have higher restrictions, so updating the package often speeds up the site's operation significantly. A larger package always has at least twice as much processor power as a degree lower. Normally, it is the processor power that is a bottleneck in the speed of the operation of the sides.

See test page implemented with WordPress Web hosting Teho package and wordpress optimization package.

In a business package, a single account gets a significant amount of resources, which significantly increases the speed compared to a normal hosting service. In addition, the Enterprise Package also provides significantly more resources than other resources. Enterprise packages work on high-speed SSDs and a LiteSpeed web server in a Cloud environment. With the business package, the account is clearly faster and more functional than with standard hosting packages, which is why the Business Package is especially recommended for organizational or other demanding uses.

With your own private Cloud server, even greater resource consumption is possible, with the possibility of harnessing a fully dedicated server for a single account and optimising the server for the specific pages in question.

You will always find the most suitable solution for you, even at different stages of growth and development. Switching between different solutions is effortless. You can also ask our customer service for the most suitable solution for you and we are happy to help you make the best choice.

Control e-mail or a site on another server
keywords: MX record email A record control DNS record zone

By default, e-mail is redirected to the same address (server) as the site points. This appears in the dashboard under Zone Editor, Manage, where the Type MX line specifies the e-mail notification. If you want to point e-mail elsewhere, you must change the existing destination (MX) value to MX values for another service.

The domain address can be changed through the name server settings in the management panel under Zone Editor, Manage (from the row of the domain to be changed), where the Type A row specifies the address (record) of the domain or subdomain in question. The IP address of another service can be changed here to redirect. If you want the email to continue coming to our service, the MX value must be changed to our server address as described in the previous paragraph. The server address can be found in the account details message and on the front page of the admin panel.

You can check the email address in the control panel under Email routing. There, the value Local means that the email points to the server and Remote means that the email points to an external service.

Instructions for different services to control your domain:


N.B! Changes to the MX value or name server settings may result in the service not working properly if done incorrectly. Special care must be taken when making changes!

Connect a domain to the dashboard
keywords: additional domain alidomain parallel domaini new domain IDN

Web hosting works completely independently even without the associated domain (domain name). You can use the dashboard to control how domains associated with an account behave. You must add the domain associated with the account to the dashboard.

You can add a domain from theDomains section of the admin panel.

You can add a domain to share public_html the contents of a directory or to operate in its own directory. In both ways, the content is displayed directly under the domain without the index appearing in the Address bar. If you want to change the behavior later, you can remove the domain from the dashboard and add it to work as you want. Domain-related emails or other settings will not be lost if you delete and add within 24 hours of each other.

When a domain is associated with an account from the control panel, it starts running normally within 24 hours, as long as the domain name servers are service name servers. Once the domain has been added to your control panel, you can start creating e-mail addresses and other services that are directly related to the domain.

Domains containing national symbols (e.g. ä and ö) should be added in the international IDN format. A national domain can be converted to IDN format using the address tool, for example.

Upload pages (FTP/SFTP)
keywords: ftp transfer files pages homepage

You can use FTP to transfer files from the home pages to the server. For FTP, we recommend the free FileZilla program (

The FTP program basically works just like the file manager on your computer, but the files are only transferred over the network to the server. In most programs, you can also drag files directly to the server side, just as you can on your computer between different directories.

Ftp program settings ask for a host name/address, user id /username and password. This information can be found in your Account Details message. In some cases, you may need to turn on passive mode from additional FTP settings.

You can find more instructions in a wide variety of search engines (e.g. Google). For instructions on how to set up, see your FTP program documentation.

We recommend using the SFTP protocol, which is safer than FTP. The SFTP port on all our servers is 6022.

Forbidden, 403 error
keywords: permissions forbidden 403 files directories

This error is often caused by false file or directory permissions. Blocking directory listing can also cause this error when you connect to a directory without an index file (see IAS 19, index). 7. Block or allow directory listing. instruction).

Commonly performing permissions are 755 (rwxr-xr-x) for directories and files. Files and directories can safely access up to 777 (rwxrwxrwx) permissions because each account is closed to their own file system, but we still recommend more restrictive permissions above. You can change permissions by using file management, FTP, or SSH (chmod) in the dashboard.

The permissions of the public_html directory may change if there is malicious code in the directory or an outdated web application (e.g. Joomla!, WordPress, Drupal) that has been attacked. If the public_html directory permissions have changed, you should always check the public_html directory contents for malicious code and update any outdated web applications manually via FTP or SSH before changing the permissions.

An error may also occur if the server's security application (ModSecurity) has blocked the function. Please also consult the general security guidelines at

If the 403 errors cannot be resolved, our customer service will be able to help resolve the error.

Set up SitePad
keywords: sitepad Website builder

All new hosting sites have SitePadWebsite builder free of charge.

A site created with SitePad is domain-specific, meaning that the site you made cannot be moved to a domain other than the one it was created for.

SitePad can be found in the control panel (cPanel) under the Software heading under SitePad-Website builder.

Using SitePad is straightforward and simple. Pages can be published directly from the home page computer without touching the settings.

Junk E-mail Filtering
keywords: spam spam email

Junk e-mail filtering management is done through the dashboard (cPanel).

Spam Filtering (Spam Filters)

SpamAssassin is one of the world's most popular anti-spam tools, effectively marking and filtering different spam emails based on their content and technical features.

  • Under the headingEMAIL, selectSpam Filters.
  • Click Process New Email... (Activate SpamAssassin) to activate the filter.
  • On the same page, you can use the switches to specify whether to automatically delete junk e-mail and move junk e-mail to a separate junk e-mail directory.
  • Trusted mail normally receives minus-sign values, so you can set the spam limit to 1, for example. The automatic deletion limit of 5 is often safe.



BoxTrapper requires senders to verify themselves before the message is delivered. The sender only has to confirm themselves once via a link to the return message, in which case the sender is placed on the list of trusted senders. This effectively prevents automated spam.

  • Under the headingEMAIL, click BoxTrapper.
  • Check the list for the email account for which you want to activate the feature, and on that line, click Manage /Manage, and on the page that opens, click Enable.
  • From the same page, you can access boxtrapper's various settings and you can set up automatically acceptable senders and the text of confirmation messages, among other things.
  • When using this feature, it is important to visit Review Queueregularly so that no important messages are missed.


E-mail filters

The service's email filters provide ultimate filtering for messages that, despite filtering and blocked, come in disturbingly to email.

  • Under the header EMAIL, select Email Filters.
  • Check the list for the e-mail account for which you want to create a filter, and in that line, click Manage Filters, and on the page that opens, click Create New Filter.
  • You can create complex and comprehensive filters on different grounds using drawers and text fields. You can also specify what to do with the message that hits the filter.
  • After you create a filter, you can test it with the Filter test, which opens in the filter listing. You must copy the full message to the text field, including all headings, for the filter test to give a true result.
Page encryption (HTTPS)

keywords: https SSL encryption encrypted connection certificate not secure

Our web hosting services include a free shared certificate for domains that point to our web hotels. This certificate can be used for page encryption, i.e. encrypting web traffic between the server and the user. The certificate takes 24-72 hours to activate for a new account or domain, depending on the busy schedule of the certificate signer.

Your private certificate contains the customer's own data and also insurance for cracking encryption. Your private certificate is considered more reliable than a shared certificate.

You can use your pages encrypted, i.e. protect them with HTTPS encryption by adding an HTTPS prefix to the HTTP prefix in the address bar. For example, change the address of the address.

You may need to change the settings of the publishing platform that you are using to make your site run on https:

If you have another publishing platform, check the documentation for that publishing platform for any necessary changes.

If the pages are encoded without a publishing platform, it is generally enough to change all references with an HTTP prefix to HTTPS prefixes.

By adding the following code to the .htaccess file, you can force the HTTPS prefix on your pages:

RewriteEngine On
RewriteCond %{HTTPS} off
RewriteRule "^" "https://%{HTTP_HOST}%{REQUEST_URI}" [R,L,NE]

If your page code or other redirects redirect back to the http prefix, the code may cause a permanent loop and your pages will stop working (500 error)!

If you have multiple domains on the same site, you may need to update the certificate manually to ensure that the domain your site uses has an up-to-date certificate. This can be done in the control panel under SSL/TSL and Manage SSL Servers. Select your site's domain under Domain and click on Auto-complete. At the bottom of the page, then select Install Certificate.

Use disk space
keywords: disk quota, disk usage, quota of disk blocks

The disk space for hosting packages is limited according to the package. Filling up disk space automatically becomes an e-mail message if the contact information has been placed in the dashboard.

The status of disk space usage appears on the dashboard home page in the right column Statistics. You can also follow disk space usage in more detail in the dashboard under Disk Usage.

If the use of disk space has been exceeded, the account may be already threaned. For example, you may be prevented from accepting e-mail messages and the site may stop working. You may also fail to log on to the dashboard or webmail with an error message:

Internal Server Error


The system user "username" has exceeded its allotted quota of disk blocks

In this case, files and/or emails should be deleted via FTP or SSH. You can also ask our customer service to delete files or emails based on the characteristics of the files (age, size, etc.). You can also order a larger package or more disk space if necessary. To upgrade your package, please visit Additional disk space can be ordered from Customer Services.

Dashboard connection e-mail
keywords: password reset, technical bulletins

After initial logon, it is a good idea to set up a technical contact email in the dashboard. This contact email should be an email address independent of the account that is able to receive messages even if the account is not working. The contact email will receive technical notifications regarding the account. Technical bulletins concerning the account may also be sent. In addition, a connection email can be used to reset the dashboard password if necessary.

After logging in to the dashboard, you can set up a contact email from the top right by clicking the username, then clicking Contact Information. You can also set up what notifications you want to receive from the same location.

SPF records in incoming and outgoing mail

spf, 550, email, mail, unauthenticated, authorized, allowed

SPF(Sender Policy Framework) is a security technology used by email systems for over 20 years to help prevent email forgery and spam. It has been an official standard for almost 10 years. It is particularly effective in combating spam and phishing messages where the sender is spoofed. Such messages are particularly harmful, giving a false sense of trustworthiness and can thus cause serious security problems.

SPF works by checking that the email has been sent from an authorised server. It does this by comparing the IP address from which the email originates with the allowed IP addresses specified in the name server information for the domain marked as the sender. If the IP address is found in the allowed list, the email will be forwarded normally. Otherwise, the email will be rejected or flagged as suspicious.

From the domain owner's perspective, SPF helps ensure that the domain's email addresses are not misused by sending spam or scam messages in the domain name. This protects the domain owner's reputation and reduces the risk of the domain being blacklisted.

From the recipient's point of view, SPF helps to identify that the email has been sent by the sender indicated in the email and to reduce the amount of spam and scam emails. It protects the recipient from scams and malicious messages, as suspicious emails can be automatically rejected and left undelivered. This improves the reliability and security of the email for the recipient.

While SPF is an effective tool in the fight against spam and abuse, it alone does not provide complete protection and there are many other techniques at work on servers to combat spam. However, SPF is one of the most effective means of blocking spoofed senders. For these reasons, Google and Microsoft, for example, have implemented strict SPF checks on their services.

Suncomet servers have SPF checking in place for incoming messages. Similarly, all new domains automatically have SPF records in the name server records configured for sending messages from our servers.

The easiest way to check the existence of SPF records for your domains is to go to the Email Deliverability section of the cPanel and click Repair to correct them if necessary. To view and edit the SPF record in more detail, go to Zone Editor, Administration, [TXT record starting with "v=spf1"].

You can monitor how SPF checking blocks incoming messages in the Track Delivery section. The blocking by SPF checking is indicated by a flag:

550 SPF: is not authorized to send mail from domain.tld. Please update domain.tld SPF record to include or use authorized server. If you need assistance, please contact administrator of domain.tld.


A block by an SPF check can only be corrected by the domain holder by correcting the SPF record for their domain or by using an authorised outgoing mail server.

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