What is a cloud server?

A Cloud server is like a virtual server, but instead of individual servers, it's implemented in a cloud environment.

Cloud cloud server works like a private dedicated server. Feel free to change the server's application environment to suit your needs. In addition, the cloud server also provides uncomplicated power for demanding sites and web services when the standard hosting service is not powered enough. Indeed, price is no longer an obstacle either.

Cloud server is easy to connect to a hosting package so that only the site runs on a cloud server, while email services and name services work conveniently in a hosting company. A combination of the two can achieve incomparable benefits at low cost.

If you need exceptional power or a completely private solution, look for more information about our private, or dedicated, servers.

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General questions

This page answers the most common questions about services, ordering, and management policies. Our customer service will be happy to answer all questions related to our services. General questions about ordering, invoicing and termination keywords:

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What is a dedicated server?

My Dedicated Server is a private physical server that is fully accessed by the client. On your dedicated server, even large amounts of resources are possible at low cost. We offer private servers very

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