Year 2021 :

The year has been a challenging year for everyone as the coronavirus pandemic continues. However, 2021 was suncomet's anniversary year, when it was 20 years since Suncomet was founded! However, the continuous development of our services bore fruit and we managed to increase our turnover again compared to previous years.

Our pages experienced a complete layout update during the year. During the year, we introduced a automated dispensing system to deliver services 24/7 and enabled payment of invoices using Nordea Connect. We also developed the operation and automation of our customer system. The operation of the servers was intensified during the year and we also made the Helsinki datacenter available for production use.

Suncomet Oy was again rewarded with a full five stars in Traficom's domain broker review!

During the year, the Suncomet International project to internationalise our services.

Suncomet International project :

The aim of the project is to map the legislative field in the field as appropriate, to draw up a marketing plan and to renew the website to meet international needs. The measures described in the project will enable high-quality Finnish web services to be provided elsewhere in Europe as well.

As a result of the project, pages and services can be offered in English and Swedish in addition to Finnish. The aim is to seek internationalisation and to provide services extensively to the European market.

The project is funded by the European Regional Development Fund.


Year 2022 :

We will continue to strongly develop our services in terms of servers, customer systems and internationalisation.

During the year, we will invest especially in the DataCenter in Helsinki and map out the purchase of new power servers. Significant automation will be added to customer systems to make order and billing management as straightforward and fast as possible for customers.  We will also continue to add content and features to our new pages.

Unfortunately, Nordea has unexpectedly announced the discontinuation of nordea connect at the end of January. The service will be replaced by a card payment service (Stripe) and a PayPal payment service in the order machine and invoices.

Suncomet The International project will continue during the year and will give us the full capacity to offer our services throughout Europe.

We wish all our customers a happy and good start to 2022!

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2022 : During the year, we invested in our Helsinki data centre and made significant improvements to our servers. We also increased the performance of our older accounts, which was reflected in faster page performance for customers. Our work

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20 years since Suncomet was founded! Today 06.07.2021 is exactly 20 years since Suncomet was founded. To celebrate the anniversary, we have officially published our new website www.suncomet.fi at the address. In addition to the pages, we have published

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Weebly will cease operations on 28 February 2021. Weebly's operations began to experience a lot of problems and disruptions during 2020. Serious connectivity problems with the Weeblyn system began at the end of November. We've been in contact with Weebly.

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Review for 2020. 2020 has been a difficult year for everyone due to the coronavirus pandemic. We responded to the crisis at the beginning of the year and offered our customers extended payment periods to facilitate our customers' ability to cope with difficult

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